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Debian Project's stance on Richard Stallman


Regardless of supporting Richard Stallman or not returning to the FSF,
its organisational structure and its way of taking decisions, what is
certain is that this situation will cause division, hatred and grudge
within different Free Software communities and that will be the most
harmful thing for the growth and strength of Free Software development,
even beyond the moral aspects or wrongdoings of Richard Stallman.

I think Debian should not be affected in its unity and work by deciding
whether to make an official statement on behalf of the whole project in
support of one position or the other. I propose that in a personal way
those who want to sign or not sign any of the letters, go ahead, but
that no public statement be made on behalf of the Debian Project in an
official way. How will the Debian Project benefit from that? It will
gain in division and weakness as is already showing up on the mailing lists,


A permissive license would only be more "free" than a license like the
GPL, when a society that allows slavery be considered more free than
a society that does not.

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