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Re: General Resolution: Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board

>>>>> "Dominik" == Dominik George <natureshadow@debian.org> writes:

    Dominik> With all due respect to everyone who has been offended by
    Dominik> Richard Stallman, feels oppressed by him, or is negatively
    Dominik> affected by his views — every single such person has to be
    Dominik> heard, their fears and sorrows been taken into account, and
    Dominik> appropriate action been taken.  As such, I am in full
    Dominik> support of requiring the FSF board to instate an
    Dominik> investigation committee, take letters from anyone affected,
    Dominik> and hear these cases (including rms' position).

The problem is that for good reason, we no longer trust the FSF under
its current governance to do that.  What you are affectively asking
people to do is to pursue justice in regard to things rms did in a forum
where rms has much more power than they do and where rms (and the voting
members of the fsf) have demonstrated they will use that power in non
equitible ways.

Given how rms returned to the board, how can you possibly think those
people will get a fair hearing.

I think I may disagree with this option even more than the support rms
open letter option.

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