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Bug#985100: server suspended after installation

Am 12.03.21 um 21:51 schrieb picca:
Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> writes:

Have you installed a graphical user interface like e.g. GNOME?

yes Gnome

I'm not sure, why you install GNOME on a server.

I guess you need to figure out first, which component triggered the
suspend request.

Do you know how to check this ?

I vaguely remember that gdm, GNOME's display manager, has some idle actions predefined. So my guess is that it's gdm which triggers the suspend after some idle timeout.

See /usr/share/gdm/dconf/90-debian-settings

# Automatic suspend
# =================
# - Time inactive in seconds before suspending with AC power
#   1200=20 minutes, 0=never
# sleep-inactive-ac-timeout=1200
# - What to do after sleep-inactive-ac-timeout
#   'blank', 'suspend', 'shutdown', 'hibernate', 'interactive' or 'nothing'
# sleep-inactive-ac-type='suspend'
# - As above but when on battery
# sleep-inactive-battery-timeout=1200
# sleep-inactive-battery-type='suspend'

I think, this is appropriate behaviour for a desktop system, where you typically have a display manager installer.

I'm thus closing the bug report instead of reassigning it to gdm3.


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