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Re: Fixed release dates are hurting quality

> But ok, maybe my thinking is too much influenced from the SLES
> release process
> at SUSE which ships with a rather limited set of packages which are
> guaranteed
> to work and are officially supported.
> Adrian
The problem I found using SLES and Redhat, which both had excellent
support for their core packages, is that all the tricky problems you
encounter in real life come from software which is outside the
supported set.

Once you start using third party RPMs you are in a worse state that
using a Debian package which has fallen out of active maintenance, in
that at least old packages met policy at some time in the past.

If the Debian maintainer has moved on to other areas of interest, and
another maintainer finds something they use is in danger of dropping
out of a release then that implies the package was used by at least two
Debian developers, so there is a high chance it is actually helping
many more people who are not developers, and so keeping it in Debian
seems to me a net benefit.


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