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Re: Bug#963615: ITP: jakarta-annotation-api -- Annotations for common semantic concepts in the Java SE and Jakarta EE platforms

On Thu, 2020-06-25 at 22:19 +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> I'm not sure to understand what bothers you. In this case the final
> version will be nearly identical. The JakartaEE APIs consist
> basically
> in the JavaEE versions that have been stable and in use for years
> with
> the base package renamed from 'javax' to 'jakarta'. I don't expect
> much
> surprise in the final version.

Speaking as one of the CMake developers, we sometimes make breaking
changes during our RC cycles, and don't freeze the interface until the
official .0 release. There's a reason our RCs don't typically go into
production distros, and there is the possibility that JakartaEE could
do the same thing.

However, the "experimental" repo does take RC packages. Perhaps
experimental would be a better place for this?


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