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Re: Bug#962140: ITP: bdebstrap -- YAML config based multi-mirror Debian chroot creation tool


On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 21:51, Benjamin Drung
<benjamin.drung@cloud.ionos.com> wrote:
> What I mean by flavor: bdebstrap can take multiple YAML configs and
> merge them together. That way you can have a "common" config and
> "flavor" configs that you put on top. These flavor can contain more
> packages to install, more config files, different custom script, etc.
> Then you can build it by e.g.
> $ bdebstrap -c common.yaml -c $flavor.yaml
> Our flavor YAML files are around 50 lines long.

Right, we don’t have this. As far as I know, there was an effort to
implement that, but it ran into the limitation of the Go templating
engine, so it was not finished.

> > , but this is what we do:
> >
> > https://gitlab.apertis.org/infrastructure/apertis-image-recipes/-/blob/apertis/v2021dev2/apertis-ospack-sdk.yaml
> >
> > (In the past, we also had one big YAML file with a lot of
> > conditionals
> > for different image types, but later split them in parts so that
> > they’re easier to read.)
> So you can have variables that you can override when calling debos, but
> you can't specify an additional config, can you?

That’s right, you can only specify one config and there’s no include
directive. We work this around by splitting the build process in
multiple stages, running each one as a separate CI step with one debos
command in it.


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