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Re: Bug#962140: ITP: bdebstrap -- YAML config based multi-mirror Debian chroot creation tool


Quoting Benjamin Drung (2020-06-11 10:52:43)
> > > bdebstrap is an alternative to debootstrap and a wrapper around
> > > mmdebstrap to support YAML based configuration files. It inherits
> > > all
> > > benefits from mmdebstrap. The support for configuration allows
> > > storing
> > > all customization in a YAML file instead of having to use a very
> > > long
> > > one-liner call to mmdebstrap. It also layering multiple
> > > customizations
> > > on top of each other, e.g. to support flavors of an image.
> > 
> > Just curious, how does it compare to vmdb2, besides using mmdebstrap 
> > instead of debootstrap.
> Before developing bdebstrap, I evaluated vmdb2 and borrowed the idea of
> using YAML.
> The big difference besides mmdebstrap/deboostrap is that vmdb2 creates
> a disk image and bdebstrap create a tarball or squashfs image.
> This serves us two use cases:
> 1) building live systems to use for booting over the network
> 2) installing the tarball on two disks (the OS on a 2.5" disk and the
> /boot directory on an SD card). Work in progress for the install
> script:
> https://github.com/bdrung/bdebstrap/blob/install-image/install-image

additionally, it seems to inherit the following properties from mmdebstrap:

 - building an image with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH set produces bit-by-bit
   reproducible output:

      $ ./bdebstrap -c examples/Debian-unstable.yaml --name example1 --env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=1591868595

 - building an image does not require superuser privileges

It is also possible to produce bootable images without superuser privileges
using guestfish (which utilizes a linux kernel run inside qemu) but I guess
vmdb2 could add that kind of stuff as a plugin?


cheers, josch

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