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Re: Bug#962574: ITP: dephell -- project management for Python

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020 12:49:01 AM EDT Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com>
> Package name    : dephell
> Version         : 0.8.3
> Upstream Author : Gram <master_fess@mail.ru>
> URL             : http://www.example.org/
Should be https://github.com/dephell/dephell
> License         : MIT (declared, but probably Expat)
> Programming Lang: Python
> Description     : project management for Python
>  DepHell Project management for Python
>    * Format agnostic: supports setup.py, requirements.txt, Pipfile, poetry.
>      DepHell converts between them at any time.
>    * All-in-one-solution: manage dependencies, virtual environments, tests,
>      CLI tools, packages; generate configs; show licenses for dependencies;
>      assist with security audits; get download statistics from PyPI; search
>      packages, and much more.
>    * Smart dependency resolution: manages dependencies, resolves, and
> enables locking of dependencies that pip missed.
>    * Asyncio based: optimised network and filesystem requests.
>    * Multiple environments: facilitates the use of multiple environments per
> project.
>    * Release tools: provides build, test, version upgrade, and upload
> helpers.
> When I imported the latest version of Fissix, I discovered that it had
> migrated to pyproject.toml.  I asked #debian-python about what the
> status of Debian tooling is for this format, and had a good discussion
> with ScottK.  My immediate motivation for packaging DepHell is to
> convert Fissix's pyproject.toml to setup.py to expedite the completion
> of its ITP.  I also wonder if it might be useful within a dh_python
> context.
> It's highly likely this software will be useful to the general Python
> developer community, and I plan to maintain it in either the DPMT or
> PAPT, as appropriate.  Please comment on this!

It looks to me like PAPT is probably more appropriate.

Scott K

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