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Re: Overinterpretation of DFSG? QR code for receiving donation is non-free???

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> writes:

> Anyway, I am not really arguing that QR codes (even these) are not
> redistributable in Debian source or binary packages (I'm leaving this to
> the FTP masters). I am saying that with the tooling we have (qrencode is
> one of plenty), it is really easy to produce functionally-equivalent QR
> codes. And that I think that the cost of doing so (at build time) is
> really small with regards to the benefit we get in term of transparency
> (the URL from the QR code becomes searchable, the build process is
> clarified).

Okay, yeah, that all sounds reasonable.  I guess all I'm arguing against
is it being an RC bug.  This would be pretty low on my list of things to
fiddle with were I packaging this upstream, behind things like better code
review for security problems.  (Again, this is without the separate images
in the center of the QR codes, which is a different issue.)

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)              <https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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