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Re: FTP Team -- call for volunteers

On Thursday, March 19, 2020 10:31:55 AM EDT Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:42:39AM +0000, Neil McGovern wrote:
> > On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 12:25:24PM -0400, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> > > > 2) We would be very limited in what checks we could actually do on new
> > > > packages. If we look too closely at packages, we stop being a
> > > > distributor, and start being a publisher. I'm not sure that we want to
> > > > move towards just being a distribution platform, rather than actually
> > > > doing QA checks.
> > > 
> > > I'm confused.  As near as I can tell, we already are looking super
> > > closely at new packages.
> > 
> > Yes, and there's the problem. To move from a situation where we try and
> > say "we're a distributor, not a publisher", then we would need to stop
> > doing some of those checks, or at least work out a way of automating
> > them.
> [snip very useful explanation - thanks for that, Neil!]
> > So, to ease the burden on ftp-masters by trying to say that
> > 
> > > the responsibility of the right to redistribute of the uploaded
> > > software be moved on the uploader instead
> > 
> > as suggested by Alexis, means we need to be very careful about /not/
> > looking too closely at what we put out.
> Isn't part of Debian's charm the quality that we attempt to bring to the
> packages that we publish?
> How does our coorindation for things like py2->py3 impact our position
> as publisher vs distributor?

I think it's an essential element of the value proposition that Debian brings 
to the table.  We're an integrator that is working to deliver a coherent set 
of capabilities in a release.  If we aren't going to do that, we may as well 
dump all the (for example) Python packages and tell people to use pypi (CPAN, 
pick your language specific publishing mechanism).

Scott K

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