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Re: RFC: Replacing vim-tiny with nano in essential packages

Hi Wookey,

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 01:02:47PM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> If we are thinking about minimal editors, zile is a good candidate: no
> deps, remarkably small and functional.

The main advantage of nano over vi and zile is that it shows you how to
save and exit, always, so it is a safe choice for a default editor.

With zile, we'd also need to make sure that the method for exiting (Ctrl-X
Ctrl-C) always works, even for stupid scenarios like

 1. start zile
 2. suspend zile
 3. another full screen app reconfigures the terminal, changing the intr
    and susp definitions, then crashes without restoring them
 4. foreground zile

Does zile restore enough of the terminal settings so that it can either
exit (for which it requires to receive Ctrl-C, either as a character or as
a signal) or be suspended (for which Ctrl-Z handling must still work)?

Nano uses Ctrl-X and Ctrl-O, which are reasonably safe from being used as
terminal functions, and vi doesn't use any control characters except
Escape (but vi is still a bad choice as default editor because people don't
know how to exit it, which also rules out joe).


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