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Re: FTP Team -- call for volunteers

Le 15/03/2020 à 19:59, Salvo Tomaselli a écrit :
> If you think about it, even if you connect with ssh and use vim or
> whatever remotely, the content of the files are reaching your screen,
> so are being distributed anyway. Might as well just download them no?
I'm not a lawyer, but I'm thinking of this:

If it's just about legal risk, couldn't the responsibility of the right to redistribute of the uploaded software be moved on the uploader instead ?
So the uploader takes the responsibility of any redistribution of the uploaded software by Debian itself, the same way if he would have uploaded it to a social media are whatever.

That way, the legal responsibility burden is distributed on many peoples instead of a small number.
If one is not sure that the software is distributable, he can mail the upstream maintainers for a clue.

Alexis Murzeau
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