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Hello Kya,

Le vendredi, 13 mars 2020, 15.00:10 h CET Kya Bailey a écrit :
> Me and my family were cleaning a couch that we were getting rid of and I
> found a USB so I checked it out and it had stuff with your logo in the
> pictures and it has stuff like Copyright, changelog.Debain.gz, makefile and
> others like that please contact me if you are interested in ownership the

The Debian project does not own nor sell USB sticks; so as far as the Debian 
project is concerned, this USB stick was likely lost (or hidden) by someone 
who had used it to install Debian. If at all possible, it is that someone that 
you might want to return the USB key to.

That said, if you are interested in what the Debian project is, and does, I 
would encourage you to look at our homepage: https://debian.org/ and to try 
booting a Debian system by re-flashing a fresh Debian live image on this (or a 
different USB key):


For any questions regarding Debian, you could head to
  the debian-user@lists.debian.org mailing list.

Thank you for enquiring about this USB key and Debian!


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