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Re: Seeking sponsor for new package

Hi Fabrice,
Thanks so much for your reply. This makes sense.
I will try git-buildpackage, and I will move the source + debian packaging
to a separate branch.

On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 7:28 PM Fabrice BAUZAC-STEHLY <noon@mykolab.com> wrote:
Hello Aaron,

I'm a newbie in Debian packaging, but here is the first and foremost
thing that seems wrong to me in your grok git repository:

It looks like you are mixing debian-specific commits with commits of
the main software (distribution-independent).  I think you should use
one repository that is distribution-independent (without any debian/
subdirectory), and a specific distinct directory dedicated to the
debian packaging of the main software, because the two entities have
different lifecycles: you (or someone else) may want to package the
same main software for a few more distributions.

You have several ways to manage your debian/ directory; I think
popular options include:

- using git-buildpackage
- having a git repository containing just the debian/ subdirectory
- not using any VCS for the debian packaging (it appears that commands
  like "apt-get source" in package devscripts already do wonders
  without the need for a version control system)

Hope this helps!

Best regards

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