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Bug#953666: RFP: victoria-metrics -- fast, cost-effective and scalable time series database

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

* Package name    : victoria-metrics
  Version         : 1.34.2
  Upstream Author : VictoriaMetrics
* URL             : https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/VictoriaMetrics
* License         : Apache-2.0
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : fast, cost-effective and scalable time series database

 VictoriaMetrics is a fast, cost-effective and scalable time-series database.
 It can be used as long-term remote storage for Prometheus.
 Prominent features:
  * Supports Prometheus querying API, so it can be used as Prometheus
    drop-in replacement in Grafana. VictoriaMetrics implements MetricsQL
    query language, which is inspired by PromQL.
  * Supports global query view. Multiple Prometheus instances may write
    data into VictoriaMetrics. Later this data may be used in a single query.
  * High performance and good scalability for both inserts and selects.
    Outperforms InfluxDB and TimescaleDB by up to 20x.
  * Uses 10x less RAM than InfluxDB when working with millions of unique time
    series (aka high cardinality).
  * Optimized for time series with high churn rate. Think about
    prometheus-operator metrics from frequent deployments in Kubernetes.
  * High data compression, so up to 70x more data points may be crammed into
    limited storage comparing to TimescaleDB.
  * Optimized for storage with high-latency IO and low IOPS (HDD and network
    storage in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc).
  * A single-node VictoriaMetrics may substitute moderately sized clusters
    built with competing solutions such as Thanos, M3DB, Cortex, InfluxDB or
  * Easy operation:
    - VictoriaMetrics consists of a single small executable without external
    - All the configuration is done via explicit command-line flags with
      reasonable defaults.
    - All the data is stored in a single directory pointed by
      -storageDataPath flag.
    - Easy and fast backups from instant snapshots to S3 or GCS with
      vmbackup / vmrestore.
  * Storage is protectedfrom corruption on unclean shutdown (i.e. OOM,
    hardware reset or kill -9) thanks to the storage architecture.
  * Supports metrics' scraping, ingestion and backfilling (#backfilling)
    via the following protocols:
    - Metrics from Prometheus exporters such as node_exporter.
    - Prometheus remote write API
    - InfluxDB line protocol
    - Graphite plaintext protocol with tags if -graphiteListenAddr is set.
    - OpenTSDB put message if -opentsdbListenAddr is set.
    - HTTP OpenTSDB /api/put requests if -opentsdbHTTPListenAddr is set.
    - /api/v1/import.
  * Ideally works with big amounts of time series data from Kubernetes, IoT
    sensors, connected cars, industrial telemetry, financial data and
    various Enterprise workloads.
  * Has open source cluster version.

Attached a tested and working packaging, where only the Uploaders, and
ITP bug need to be filled, and the packaging imported into git.


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