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Re: apt 2.0 release notes

On Sun, Mar 08, 2020 at 02:40:56PM -0400, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> Hi,
> 在 2020-03-07六的 21:41 +0100,Julian Andres Klode写道:
> > # APT 2.0
> > ### Incompatibilities
> > 
> > * The apt(8) command no longer accepts regular expressions or wildcards as
> >   package arguments, use patterns (see New Features).
> A little comment on this: I am okay with apt(8) no longer accepting regex or
> wildcards (which is still unfortunately a feature that I use every day) since
> the CLI interface volatility is well announced. I also understand the reason
> behind this move.
> However, I saw that there's plan to let apt-* stop accepting them as well
> after Bullseye release, according to the NEWS file (v1.9.6 NEWS). Please avoid
> this, or at least implement in a backward-compatible way (e.g., letting the
> user explicitly specify that they are using regex, apt-patterns or string with
> wildcard in the input via cmdline options; the default format is considered to
> be the fallback format/behavior). I saw countless scripts using this feature
> and the outcome of feature removal would be catastrophic.

This will be properly deprecated:

* Soft deprecation: Until May 2020 (Ubuntu 20.04)

  apt-* behaves as before

* Deprecation period: May 2020 - April 2022 (bullseye, and Ubuntu 22.04)

  apt-* will still accept regex/wildcard, but complain with a warning.

* Removal: May 2022, post Ubuntu 22.04 release (and well past bullseye hopefully)

  apt-* will stop accepting wildcard.

The deprecation period may be moved forward and shortened by approx one year:

* Deprecation period: March 2020 - release of bullseye
* Removal: after release of bullseye

but only if I find time and get approval to add such warnings to Ubuntu 20.04,
given that this is past feature freeze. But I don't think I'm very much interested
in that.

The removal is absolutely necessary, given the breakage that can happen
when a package with a + in the name disappears from the repo.

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