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Bug#953356: ITP: esup-el -- Emacs StartUp Profiler

Package: wnpp
Owner: Lev Lamberov <dogsleg@debian.org>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : esup-el
  Version         : 0.7.1
  Upstream Author : Joe Schafer <joe@jschaf.com>
* URL or Web page : https://github.com/jschaf/esup
* License         : GPL-3+
  Programming Lang: Emacs Lisp
  Description     : Emacs StartUp Profiler

This package profiles your Emacs startup time by examining all top-level
S-expressions (sexps). It starts a new Emacs process from Emacs to
profile each sexp. After the profiled Emacs is complete, it will exit
and your Emacs will display the results.

It will step into `require' and `load' forms at the top level of a file,
but not if they're enclosed in any other statement.

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