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Re: [please not now!] call for ftpmaster's transparency

Please! Not now!

I absolutely think that accountability and transparency for a couple of
delegated teams --and really for delegations in general--needs to be one
of the big issues for the next DPL.  I think that's true whether it is
me or someone else.

Our delegates put a lot of time and energy into the project.  We need to
find ways that the project can understand what is going on and give
feedback.  When the project needs things different than the delegates
are able to provide, we need a way to move forward--possibly changing
the delegation, possibly understanding why we won't be able to meet a
project need.  We need to do that all while respecting people, not micro
managing them, and while making taking on adelegated responsibility
something people want to do.

Right now, though, many of the people who could facilitate that
discussion are under incredible stress and are spending all the Debian
time they have and then some.

I know I don't have time to help with this.
I know at least one ftpmaster is fairly concerned about unrelated
issues.  Two others are quite busy with some of the stuff that is eating
my time.
The community team is busy.  While they wouldn't have a formal role, it
would be great to get people involved who could help us work together.

We're still recovering from the systemd vote.
And we haven't yet begun to make progress on the healing from conflict
issues I I brought up in the last two bits mails.

I appreciate the frustration; there was a fairly long project thread on
this too.
Deciding this needs to happen right now...well, it's going to be very
hard on people who are probably already under a lot of stress.


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