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tag2upload service architecture and risk assessment - draft v2

Thanks for all the comments on the draft service architecture I posted
in late July. [1]  I have made a v2, incorporating the various helpful
suggestions, and the information from the thread.

Some respondents raised archive integrity concerns.  It seemed best to
address those more formally, and in a more structured way, than as a
mailing list subthreads.  Accordingly, v2 of my proposal has a formal
risk assessment, in a format loosely borrowed from health and safety

I think I have captured in the risk assessment all the risks mentioned
in the thread, but I may well have missed something.  Please let me
know if you think there is anything which is not covered.  Also please
let me know if any of my analysis seems wrong.

Please find an introduction, and detailed documentation, here:


[1] This message and the subsequent thread:

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