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Re: Buster/XFCE unlock screen is blank

Hey Adam

On 2019/06/01 18:29, Adam Borowski wrote:
> At the time of the xscreensaver debacle, there was no sane alternative
> (candidates depended on 80% of GNOME, offered no feedback nor discoverable
> controls to the user, etc).  There _is_ a wonderful alternative now:
> xfce4-screensaver, which seems to work perfectly[2] -- but alas, it's not in
> Buster.

When I first filed the ITP for xfce4-screensaver I got some pushback (of
which I don't all disagree with). After some discussion and digging in
deeper into the issue the Debian Xfce team agreed that it can be
maintained as part of the Xfce team. At freeze time it was still in
alpha and had some show-stopper issues, we decided that it would be best
for everyone not to have that in buster at that time. There are also
still some integration issues that are still outstanding. Overall it
just wasn't ready for buster in time, but I'll be happy to work on a
backport for buster when some of the last few issues have been resolved.


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