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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

(Please reply to pkg-samba-maint only)

Le jeu. 27 déc. 2018 à 11:00, L.P.H. van Belle <belle@bazuin.nl> a écrit :
> Hai,


> A very interesting thread this, since im doing this already for samba, my comments..
> If i may ..
> Im running a samba repo now for jessie and stretch. ( and ubuntu 18.04 )
> I really needed newer samba packages and i was not able to get them uploaded to unstable.
> So i decided to build them myself and share them.

This is different here. Samba is not in backport because of lack of
time from my side (or other members of the team).

I think that Samba perfectly fits in backport, as the version in
testing is already the latest upstream.

> And now people are more and more using my samba package over the official debian package.
> Because the newer version are build against debian stable or oldstable, and people can choose there upgrade.

Do you have any stats here? How many download each month? How many
different source IPs? per dist, per samba version?

> If the might be a fast-lane repo, why not per package version.
> This way we can keep the changes to other packages small and limited.
> What i now now do.
> I have 4 repo's for jessie,  jessie-samba45 jessie-samba46 jessie-samba47 jessie-samba48
> I have 4 repo's for stretch, stretch-samba46 stretch-samba47 stretch-samba48 stretch-samba49
> (And for the ubuntu supporters a samba49 in amd64 only.)

So, you have 9 repos. How long does it takes to update all those when
a security fix comes?


Mathieu Parent

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