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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

>Just to make things a bit clearer for people who may not have followed
>some of the discussions on d-bp-users lately: the point is to be able
>support fast-moving software with not-so-fast moving dependencies;
>the dependencies may easily be backported without too large a burden
>(their versions will not come too often, so they will be able to
> to testing and thus fulfil the criteria for being in backports), while
>the main piece of software moves too fast, including across major
>versions and with incompatible changes, so that it is not suitable for
>being included in a stable release (thus the part in the proposal about
>blocking its migration to testing).
>The maintainers of the stack will first package the dependencies, wait
>for them to migrate to testing, then backport them, and then they will
>upload the main piece of software first to unstable and then to the new
>suite under discussion.


And the result shall still have the same quality as any package in -backports, technically, as far as it can. Thus the requirements for version, etc.

Volatile is not to become a place to dump packages to bypass -backports. On the contrary.


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