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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

> We already told you to build your own repo.

You should probably start with identifying the senders of mail
correctly ☺. I am not the gitlab maintainer (and will never be).

> Imho you should start the same way backports started - outside of
> debian.
> Prove that it works and integrate into Debian later.

I would agree with you if it were a big change - however, the proposal
has a very low impact, if not none at all, on existing stuff. In
contrast to what you seem to believe (accuse people of…), this proposal
is about helping Debian as a whole, not forcing a certain package into
the distribution. gitlab only serves as an example of why it is useful.
The Debian infrastructure already supports everything that is needed to
implement this, and starting with parallel infrastructure would probably
mean that it will fail because this requires a single person spending
time and money to maintain the infrastructure (which is otherwise
already there), and to make it really work, this is a low (think of
buildds, etc.).

In any case, I do not see why you would fight the fact that someone
makes a detailed proposal. A proposal can be accepted or denied, of
course, but your tone implies you think noone should have made the
proposal i nthe first place.

Please don't fight people wanting to help based on your opinion about a
prior case around gitlab.


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