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Re: usrmerge -- plan B?

Marco d'Itri - 23.12.18, 22:30:
> On Dec 23, Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> wrote:
> > I think I have seen this with either SLES or RHEL that they created
> > symlinks for every binary in /bin and /sbin, pointing to the binary
> > in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. I did not understand why at the time I
> > have seen this.
> Definitely not RHEL, maybe you are thinking about SCO UNIX?
> Anyway, this is just a fantasy: I do not believe that a forest of
> symlinks could work for the content of /lib*.

It might have been SLES. During my holidays I am certainly not accessing 
my training VMs. But I can look next year.

And no, I am not thinking about SCO UNIX.


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