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Re: Removing conflicts of init system

On Fri, Dec 21, 2018, 19:19 Lorenz <lorenzo.ru.g@gmail.com wrote:
Josh Triplett <josh@joshtriplett.org> ha scritto:
> sysvinit works similarly, with /lib/sysvinit/init
This was in Jessie, but I don't see any /lib/sysvinit/init in Stretch nor in Sid, 
it's /sbin/init now, am I wrong?

You are correct. The sysvinit package (which provided the fallback) was dropped:

  * Drop transitional sysvinit package. It has served its purpose for the
    wheezy → jessie transition and keeping it around for longer only
    leads to confusion as it doesn't setup /etc/inittab which is necessary
    to boot with SysV. This functionality has moved into sysvinit-core,
    which should be used instead in such a case. (Closes: #781766)

There is nothing blocking its reintroduction, though, if care is taken to make sysvinit functional after installing it.


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