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Re: Extension of Built-Using:

On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 03:12:21PM +0000, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> The difficulty here is that Policy 7.8 requires that Built-Using: is only
> used for source package tracking. This is then enforced on the upload
> package checking which rejects such packages (because gfortran-8 is not a
> source package; gcc-8 is the source package, but this mostly misses the
> point).
> So, can Built-Using: be safely extended to use this case, and the package
> checking relaxed ?

The policy is pretty clear about the usage of this field.  Due to the
effects it's usage have on the archive and your packages, it must not be
used outside of the definition.

Don't miss-use existing fields for new information.


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