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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64


On Thu, 29 Nov 2018, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Qt already supports runtime ES/non-ES in the same library build on 
> Windows [2], something like that might also be doable for Linux if 
> anyone (Linaro? Canonical?) with a real interest in that would work
> on making it happen.
> Some of the listed applications already set Qt::AA_UseOpenGLES or
> Qt::AA_UseDesktopOpenGL for the Windows case, but there would surely
> be additional application side fixes required after someone added
> dynamic OpenGL selection also for Linux to Qt.

FTR, I also think that this would be the best solution. Dmitry just filed
a bug requesting this so that we can have some feedback from the Qt

Feel free to up-vote the request.

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