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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 12:32:51PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> I would caution against prematurely optimizing for build-time.  Yes,
> building the entire source package twice is a waste of resources, but it's
> probably a drop in the bucket.

My mail concert was not build-time, but our (maintainers’) time.

For any changes in normal packages (e.g. packaging new upstream releases),
we will need to carefully merge these changes into the -gles packages and
remove the bits that are not needed there.

> The reason not to build the two stacks from a single source package is that
> the gl vs gles libraries are by design drop-in replacements for one another
> - i.e.: they must have the same soname in order for the symbols magic to
> work, which means they end up conflicting on the system.  You *could* design
> a system that allows them to be coinstallable via subdirectories and
> manually-managed symlinks, but I doubt this is actually worth it in practice
> for the number of packages affected.

Ah, I understand now — you mean that to build both variants of e.g. Qt 3D,
we will need to build-depend on both libqt5gui5 and libqt5gui5-gles, which are
not co-installable.

That is a valid reason for having two separate source packages.

However maybe it will be possible to build at least two variants of qtbase
from the same source, as that’s one ofthe most complicated Qt packages.

Dmitry Shachnev

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