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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

> >
> > There are more than 5 million Raspberry Pis were sold as of February 2015.
> > All of them with a VC4 GPU, Raspbian ships with the VC4 mesa driver
> > enabled!
> >
> > I'm of the opinion that the switch away from Desktop OpenGL to GLES was a
> > huge mistake and should be reversed as soon as possible unless there is a
> > way to provide for both on all archtictures.
> Well, f you can prove this for armhf and/or armel, we can certainly do it.

The Raspberry Pi is armhf. What would you like me to prove? Sadly I
can't help you with armel, but with armhf, according to some sources
the number of RPi's sold in the last 5 years is 12 million [1].
Admidetly, not all of them will be used as a desktop, but it is still
nothing to sneeze at and it is shame that we've had to prevent
compiling OpenMW on armhf and armel just because Qt was compiled
against GLES. We've had to introduce "libqt5opengl5-dev,
libqt5opengl5-desktop-dev [armel armhf]" in the debian/control file as
a result. [2] This makes sure that OpenMW can't ever be built on on
armel and armhf with "BD-Uninstallable". [3]

openmw build-depends on missing:
- libqt5opengl5-desktop-dev:armhf
^-- sad state of affairs that this even exists!

[1] https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/3/17/14962170/raspberry-pi-sales-12-5-million-five-years-beats-commodore-64
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/games-team/openmw/blob/master/debian/control#L12
[3] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=openmw

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