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Re: Porting rust

Josh Triplett, le mer. 21 nov. 2018 12:39:35 -0800, a ecrit:
> I'm not an expert in that mechanism, but my understanding is that the
> vast majority is shared among multiple systems.
> There probably *should* be a way to autogenerate these, but I don't
> think there is. But I wouldn't be surprised if you could rely *heavily*
> on the Linux glibc support.

Nope :)

Most of the structures have subtly different content, for various

I actually rather based on BSD, on which the Hurd happens to base rather
than on Linux.

> I'd suggest starting with src/liblibc/libc-test and trying to get those
> tests running on Hurd, and then doing test-driven development until all
> the tests pass.

Before getting to this, a lot already has to be written. I have indeed
started with copying/pasting structures from BSD ports, just to get the
thing going, but even that way a lot has to be copy/pasted before just
getting libc to build.


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