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Bug#914257: ITP: backdrop -- A full-featured content management system

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: William Blough <bblough@debian.org>

* Package name    : backdrop
  Version         : 1.11.2
* URL             : http://backdropcms.org/
* License         : GPL2+
  Programming Lang: PHP
  Description     : A full-featured content management system

Backdrop is a fork of Drupal 7. It preserves the legacy audience of
developers who value ease of use and speed of learning over
architectural flexibility.

 This package is useful/relevant because Drupal will no longer be
 available in Debian, starting with Buster.  Drupal 7 will be
 end-of-life before too long, and Drupal 8 is unlikely to be packaged.
 This package gives existing Drupal 7 users a supported migration path
 for their existing code, without the hassle of upgrading everything to
 Drupal 8.

 It is not yet a dependency for another package, however, as with Drupal
 there are numerous modules that could potentially be packaged to go
 with it.

 My employer is deploying Backdrop as a replacement for Drupal 7, instead
 of updating all our code to be Drupal 8 compatible.  If I'm
 going to support it for their Debian infrastructure, I might as well
 package it for Debian proper so others may also benefit.

 The functionality of Backdrop is nearly identical to Drupal 7, with the
 exception that Backdrop will be supported even after Drupal 7 is

 I am willing to maintain the package myself, since I will be doing it for my
 employer anyway.  However, I am certainly open to team or co-maintenance
 if others are interested.  I do not need a sponsor as I am a DD.

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