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Re: Installer: 32 vs. 64 bit

>> I've been encouraging my students to install Debian on their personal
>> machines, and we've found out that a lot of them get the wrong Debian
>> installer:
>> - some of them attempt to install an AMD64 version of Debian in
>> a 32-bit-only virtual machine;

> Why are they creating 32-bit virtual machines?  Perhaps this is a bad
> default in the VM manaager?

Yes, it was a bad default in the laptop's BIOS (VT-something was
disabled).  HP's bug, obviously, but it would have made for a better
experience if the Debian installer had complained in a comprehensible
manner straight away.

>> - others attempt to install an i386 version on 64-bit hardware.

> This should work, in general.  It won't work on a 64-bit system that
> only supports EFI boot - and the installer won't be able to report
> that, unless it includes a dummy 64-bit EFI program just to do that.

It was a recent laptop, and the user had manually enabled BIOS boot.  The
installer hung with a black screen just after the initial menu.

> We should not do in this in the second case, since it is supposed to
> work.  (But a warning might be reasonable.)


-- Juliusz

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