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Re: Should libpam-elogind Provide libpam-systemd ?

Simon McVittie writes ("Re: Should libpam-elogind Provide libpam-systemd ?"):
> I don't want this to turn into "us vs. them", and I'm trying not to get
> drawn into a debate about the merits of these approaches because I can
> already see how much time and motivation that will burn if it happens,
> most likely leaving each of us angry with the other and without any
> actually changed opinions.

Thanks.  I wanted to say separately that appreciate that and I
appreciate your technical input, even if I may not agree with

> I've gone to some lengths to make sure that
> the conceptual model implied by dbus-user-session is not mandatory in
> Debian (which is why we have it as a separate package at all);

That is also helpful.  Thank you.


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