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Re: Uncoordinated upload of the rustified librsvg

> Instead of putting all the blame on the GNOME team, maybe you could
> have expressed your concerns during the months that librsvg was still
> in experimental? Or maybe you could have said "Rust is now available
> on all release architectures, but please talk to us before uploading a
> rustified library."

Why would I need to communicate that? You, as the maintainer of librsvg
should know that this package has a large number of reverse dependencies
and that the rustified version would not work on all architectures. Did
you seriously expect me to write "Hey, I fixed Rust on the remaining release
architectures but please don't use this as an excuse to hurt my other work!"?
I rather think that this should be dictated by common sense and mutual
respect for the work of fellow Debian members.

Giving other maintainers a heads-up and a chance to coordinate the upload
is the least that can be expected in such case. It wouldn't have hurt at
all. Just going ahead and willfully causing others trouble is simply not
acceptable. There was no immediate time pressure for this upload.

> While today's upload was apparently a surprise, I
> don't think it should have been a surprise that this upload was
> coming.

It's the complete lack of communication and coordination, not that the
fact the package was updated. You basically told me now not to help
other Debian projects in the future because the immediate repayment
in Debian seems to be disregard.

Why should I pursue such work in the future if that's what I get in
return? Why should I keep providing fixes for various packages if
I get messages like yours in return?


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