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Re: Should libpam-elogind Provide libpam-systemd ?

Hi Simon,

On 03.11.2018 12:11, Simon McVittie wrote:
> However, note that if you want multiple parallel dbus-daemons per uid,
> in particular one per X11 display, then dbus-user-session is not for you,
> and you should continue to use dbus-x11 or some third party implementation
> of the dbus-session-bus virtual package instead.

we learned this the hard way and then people are confused about
systemd's session management not coming up. Do you know if any idea was
already floated somewhere on how to make this work? I.e. have multiple
systemd user instances per user?

In our case a remote desktop is spawned in parallel to the regular one,
in the background. That makes for all sort of weird behavior (what if
you want to have different settings in one of your two sessions?) and
dbus-user-session is only a part of it. But it's something users seem to
slowly expect to be working...

Kind regards and thanks
Philipp Kern

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