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Re: What can Debian do to provide complex applications to its users?

Hello Ian,

On Tue, Feb 27 2018, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I would like to suggest a radical approach to the source code
> management for your system: abandon source *packages* in favour of git
> trees.

Why do you think Didier's proposal, in particular, represents an
opportunity to do this?  Is it simply that it will require whole new
tools to prepare and distribute the .vdebs, so we might as well not use
source packages from the start?

> Furthermore, abandon the patch queue approach to Debian package
> management.  We will not be able to maintain a big delta to any of
> these packages anyway.

No, but we might often have reason to maintain a small delta.  We patch
upstream source for all sorts of reasons; it is hard to believe it
wouldn't come up.

Sean Whitton

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