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Re: What can Debian do to provide complex applications to its users?

On 19/02/2018 20:42, Michael Meskes wrote:=
>> Various other packages in stable won't work with the latest Node.js
>> and will also require upgrading.
>> In the Node.js ecosystem it is par for the course when upgrading
>> a package breaks countless reverse dependencies.
> Right, and that's why we were talking about stuff like flatpak that
> bring the application with its dependencies, more or less like a
> container.
> Michael

We need to be clear: is the problem we are facing one of timeliness
(stable being out of date), or systems integration ?

If its dependencies getting out of hand, containerisation is only a
temporary fix: it will become increasingly impossible to get  a complex
application working if the dependencies are conflicting. This then is an
upstream problem, not just a Debian one.

I think we also need to pay attention to the fact the DevOps approach
suits big organisations better than small: if I am managing a technical
portal with ~50-100 JAR files as deps, but 1-5 developers, I'm facing
much bigger issues than Google or Facebook with x5 the number of deps,
but x1000 the number of developers to handle the vendorization. I
suspect we're seeing a managed breakdown in standards to help
commercialize the free software world, much as it becomes much harder to
run your own mail / IM / Calendaring services.

If the problem is one of timeliness perhaps we need to reconsider our
cadence, especially with the advent of LTS releases: e.g. a 6-month
cadence for unstable with much longer LTS releases. If its integration,
we should be looking at changing the whole F/OSS landscape (hey, its
been done before), and leading the integration.


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