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Re: What can Debian do to provide complex applications to its users?

> Depends how it would be done. Nixos style would probably very
> difficult for Debian. Packages with version number in their
> name would be no packaging problem at all, but we would have
> to make clear, that security support is not likely.

Sure, I don't see a problem with this.

> > discussions are going. How on earth did we get from the technical
> > problem of
> > how to package large application stacks that come with their own
> > copies of
> > certain "libraries" to packaging software that is neither free nor
> > open source?
> > I didn't notice anyone suggesting we should do the latter.
> Is was a relevant part of the problem mentioned in Raphaels bug
> report: Minified JS libraries without source code. this was one
> of the starting points of this discussion. (#890598)

Right, although merely technical since there is source code, albeit not
very legible or maintainable.

> The bug report mentions two orthogonal problems:
>  - libraries without source code or no license information

I might have missed the missing license problem, but I'm pretty noone
wants to see unlicensed software in Debian, which also would be

>  - libraries which are needed in specific versions

This one really worries me. I wonder how many similar cases we already
have, where somebody took some code and changed it slightly before
including it.

> I add a third one:
>  - libraries that are not packaged, because there are too many

The problem is probably less the amount but more the manual work to
find the canonical sources. Packing a go "library" for instance does
not take a lot of time, because it can be done mostly automated.

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