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Re: ubuntudiff.debian.net status


On 2018-02-12 16:58, Frédéric Bonnard wrote:
Hi all,
since a few days, ubuntudiff is not reachable (name does not resolve).
I see Mehdi administrate this domain (
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianNetDomains ).
Mehdi, anyone, do you know what's going on ?

Thanks for pointing this out. I think my .debian.net domains got disabled when DSA disabled my account. Unfortunately, things didn't change recently
(I have a new GPG key but it is only one sig-away before asking for its
inclusion in Debian's keyring).

If DSA is not able to restore my .debian.net domains, I can explain
to interested DDs how to restore them.

I saw Mehdi got his laptop stolen, maybe that's related.

I'd appreciate if could keep private information _private_.



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