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Re: ITP: lsmount -- a simple formatter for /proc/mounts

Quoting Andreas Schwarz (2018-02-04 13:31:16)
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> Yes I knew "findmnt", but it takes a different approach.
> lsmount makes it very easy to reduce the information level to the
> needed, improves the display with colored columns and alignment
> (without forced line breaks) and offers (with -v) a very scripting
> friendly output (all configurable on a system-wide and user-level).
> "Findmnt", on the other hand, increases the complexity of usage and
> only the representation with the switch -l produces a halfway
> parseable output.
> Also, df is not useless only because findmnt has a switch that
> produces a similar output. "do one thing and do it well" I think df
> does this for its case and lsmount will do it as well.
> I wrote lsmount years ago because I didn't find a tool that gives me a
> quick and easy to read overview of the "relevant" mountpoints and can
> be used in scripts as well. After SSH on a system where I am not
> logged in regularly, it is usually the first command I run to get an
> overview.

I would use dfc for user-friendly list of mount points, and "lsblk -J" 
for machine-parsable output of both mounted and unmounted block devices.

 - Jonas

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