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Re: Removing packages perhaps too aggressively?

peter green writes:
>> If you do reintroduce it, please note the extra steps (reopening bugs
>> in particular)
> On that note one thing that doesn't seem to be easy/well documented is
> how to go about finding the bugs that affected a package at the time
> of it's removal. If I go to the bugs page for the package and select
> "archived and unarchived" I see a bunch of resolved bugs but other
> than opening them up individually I don't see a good way to tell the
> difference between ones that were actually fixed and ones that were
> open at the time of the removal.

dak logs which bug reports is closed when a source package was removed:
see the "Also-Bugs" field in https://ftp-master.debian.org/removals.822
(for the current year; removals-YYYY.822 or removals-full.822 are also

Note that sometimes[1] the bugs are not closed by dak and end up getting
closed in a different way.


  [1] IIRC when removing >1 source package at the same time

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