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distributing .buildinfo files (Re: Bad interaction between pbuilder/debhelper/dpkg-buildinfo/dpkg-genchanges and dak on security-master)

On Mon, Jul 03, 2017 at 07:23:29PM +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > Not yet.  We people from the reproducible team couldn't find a way to
> > usefully talk to ftp-masters people, whom never replied to any of the
> > questions in the thread at #763822 (they only did some quick comments on
> > IRC, and we have been left on guessing what they would like…).
> > 
> > Anyhow, .buildinfo files are stored in ftp-master, just not exported to
> > the mirrors, you can find them in
> > coccia.debian.org:/srv/ftp-master.debian.org/<something>.
> So I suppose we talk about 13 GB[1] of static content in about 1.7M
> files. Is that something that could be distributed through
> static.debian.org if there are concerns around inodes for the main
> mirrors? Given that they would be accessed mostly rarely[2]?
> [1] 7.7kB (75%ile as mentioned in the referenced bug) * 55000 binary
> packages * 10 architectures * 3 versions - so quite conservatively
> [2] So supposedly a CDN wouldn't bring a lot of benefit as individual
> files aren't likely to be hit frequently.

using static.debian.org seems to be a good idea to me, what would be needed to make
this happen?

or, we could put them in a git repo instead, and use git.debian.org…

feedback welcome.


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