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Paging the release team

Dear release team,

I would appreciate some attention for https://bugs.debian.org/868558

- I filed it on July 16.
- I followed up on July 29.
- I followed up on August 6.
- I answered a question on August 10.
- I followed up on August 19.
- I answered a question on August 26, and followed up on August 26.

I am at wits end.  Short of doing 40+ nmus by hand, we are not progressing
and here and R remains blocked.

Note that per the August 26 email I was even unable to reproduce the issue
holding this up.

All this takes, really, is a reasonably quick rebuild of a few dozen somewhat
tangential packages.  Can we please do this?


PS Please CC me on replies. I am no longer subscribed on debian-devel.

http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com | @eddelbuettel | edd@debian.org

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