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Question about dpkg Re: X facts about Debian - some fact checking and looking for ideas.


Dear all,

Please CC me when answering or putting something on the thread.

When I started using ubuntu and then later Debian one of the first
tools I fell in love with was dpkg. Although nowadays we have multiple
tools like apt, aptitude, one of the biggest features of dpkg (which
is replicated by almost all tools are and were) upgrade, downgrade and

I was reading the wikipedia page about Debian
 and it just cites about dpkg being the essential package manager in

>From what I remember most rpm based distributions during that time had
rpm broken which means if you upgraded, you couldn't downgrade and
there were lots of times when the system broke due to one issue or the

I was under the impression that due to rpm brokeness Debian and
thereafter dpkg came into being. From the wikipedia page it seems the
motivation came from SLS - a derivative of Slackware.

Could or does somebody remember what discussions took place when dpkg
was being put up as an ideal package manager. It still is, in case of
breakage or something goes wrong and the other tools can't fix.

I am more interested in what sort of scenario was then. I also read
that YUM the fedora package manager borrowed lot of ideas and
functionality from dpkg but do not know of any authoritative data to
backup, only rumors.

Could somebody share some info. on that.

Looking forward to know more.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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