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Re: Project and User creation is now disabled on alioth.d.o

On 08/22/2017 08:13 AM, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> as alioth is deprecated and will (more or less) get replaced with other
> services soon I disabled user creation and project creation on alioth.

while I fully understand (and appreciate) the migration to something
better, depending on the "soon", disabling not just projects but also
user creation hurts collaborating on existing repositories with new

today my co-worker wanted to start working on the openstack
repositories, but can't, since he does not have an alioth account
already. we got another two persons during the openstack BoF that
expressed interested in contributing.

I hope you reconsider disabling of user creation just yet, otherwise I
fear you would unnecessary have the burden of making the migration
hastily just to allow people to work on existing stuff.


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