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Single Sign On for Debian

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IMHO is debian-devel@lists.debian.org a better place for this.

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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:03:26 +0200
From: Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>
To: alioth-staff-replacement@lists.alioth.debian.org
Cc: Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl>
Subject: Re: [Alioth-staff-replacement] Fwd: Re:  Alioth needs your help
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> >> SSO doesn't have own backends.
> > Isn't  db.debian.org the backend that knowns about all DD?
> SSO, as it is right now, is NOT a user managing thing. SSO is ONLY
> taking existing users from one or more (two right now, db.d.o/alioth)
> backends, and allows them to have a single sign on on connected debian
> services, nm.debian.org being the biggest of it, DebConf pages the next
> one (that i know of).
> If someone is willing to invest the time and work to make SSO fly up and
> be THE one point other things can connect to, meaning that it eats DD
> data from db.d.o but does its own user management for non-DDs, and also
> willing to maintain that over time - and then also add stuff like being
> an ouath provider, SAML something, whatever those things are called by
> now, so that applications/services can easily be connected to it - then
> setups like gitlab/gitea/whatever can go and use it as a provider, and
> not the other way round.
> I am pretty sure the current maintainers of sso would love to get help,
> possibly to the point of being happy to entirely give it to someone who
> really wants to invest the time and work, also i cant speak for them, so
> talk to them for more.

Hi there. I'm not on this list, keep me Cc-ed or add me to the list as
you wish.

I am currently the only maintainer of sso.d.o and I confirm what Ganneff

Currently not only sso.d.o doesn't do any user database, but it also
never sees the users' web password or alioth passwords. Authentication
is delegated to apache's mod_ldap, and I just see what's in REMOTE_USER.
A bug in my code, with the current setup, won't leak users' passwords no
matter what.

I'm happy to give up maintenance of sso.d.o entirely and I don't mind if
it gets replaced with whatever makes sense. The current setup is the
simplest and most secure setup I can think of that can be maintained by
one person, relies on widespread and well tested code (except for the
custom certificate generation interface) and can federate trivially.

Note that it's security-sensitive code for which I don't even get code
review of my commits, with the exception of some recent post-debconf
review and feedback by paultag. 

However, if anyone takes sso.d.o over, and then at some point
disappears, I will be the most affected, as a broken sso.debian.org
means a broken nm.debian.org and contributors.debian.org and I am the
person taking care for those, too. In fact, I got stuck with maintaining
sso.debian.org because the other people involved pulled out and I needed
to keep nm.debian.org running, so that scenario has happened before.
If it happens again, depending on what sso.debian.org will have become,
I might choose to take down nm.debian.org until someone else fixes
sso.debian.org, instead of taking ownership of something I can't

I understand that gitlab has its own user database / registration /
password change infrastructure; if you want to use that, we can see how
to make sso.debian.org authenticate to it.

If instead you prefer to have sso.debian.org handle non-DD registration,
it is doable: python3-django-registration exists and can be used, and
gitlab can probably then consume the client certificates.

Between the two options, I would imagine that the gitlab registration
code is far more polished and well tested than
python3-django-registration, so I would suggest to have people register
on gitlab and then interface sso.debian.org with that.


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