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Detached upstream signature and git packaging


TL;DR We need to define a way to store detached upstream signatures in git. I'm including a proposal, suggestions welcome.

Not too long ago both uscan and dpkg-source added support for detached upstream signatures, that is: a signed pgp signature for each upstream released tarball.

For this to be of any use, the source package needs to ship the keyring of the upstream public keys (debian/upstream/signing-key.{asc,pgp}), with that uscan can check the validity of the tarball.

dpkg-source can also add the detached signatures in the corresponding changes files and upload them as part of the source package, this way these could be published in the archive and checked by our users.

So far so good, but for packagers that work on git repositories to handle their packages there is no defined way to handle/store these "extra" files.

Using the usual git-buildpackage workflow (or equivalent git workflows) maintainers prepare new upstream releases relying on pristine-tar so that the released tarball can be generated from the git information.

We need a similar mechanism to store the detached upstream signatures, a simple approach could be to simply store the detached signatures in the pristine-tar branch, and export these files when checking out the orig.tar. This would mean to modify pristine-tar commit and checkout actions to take into account the orig.tar.{$ext}.{asc,pgp} files.

Alternatively, we could use a different branch for these signatures, and avoid meddling with pristine-tar, but this would add useless overhead.

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