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Re: UMASK 002 or 022?

On 2017-06-30 00:18, darkestkhan wrote:

Are you saying that default permissions for home dirs in Debian is 755?

It was when I installed Jessie and most recently Stretch.

scott@sl.id.au wrote:

Can you point to a real, specific security problem that this has caused?

I already did, in my email. Maybe not a "security problem" that is going to get a CVE, but I don't think people realize users of other accounts can read their files. I doubt this is understood when a separate account is created.

If windows is different, it looks to be the outlier because macOS behaves the same way as Debian[0]:

I was only referencing Windows and Mac in case their was an assumption that Linux users are knowledgeable enough to change umask/permissions (and to even know about them). I was not (and do not know) what Windows and/or Mac umask/permissions are (or if they have them at all).

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