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Re: Please add lzip support in the repository


Sorry for the delay, but I think this needs a clarification.

Ian Jackson wrote:

> For Debian binary and source packages, there is no benefit in ECC
> in the compression layer.
> I'm not sure why all of this isn't obvious.
> As an aside: I am sceptical of the value of ECC as part of a general
> purpose compression scheme.  That proponents of lzip are pushing this
> as an advantage merely adds to the scepticism which their marketing
> campaign is generating in my mind.

There must be a misunderstanding here. On this thread you have been
criticizing lzip and its "proponents" on the basis of a false claim (that lzip
contains ECC). It's easy verifiable that lzip format doesn't contain any ECC:


After reading again Guillem Jover's answer it seems to me that the only
marketing campaign here is Debian against lzip. Even if you don't like
something, for whatever personal reasons, I don't think it's fine to influence
thousands of people, and Debian has the capacity to do so.

Maria Bisen

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