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Re: alioth replacement survey

On 2017-06-28 21:26:56 +0200 (+0200), Alexander Wirt wrote:
> https://people.debian.org/~formorer/Survey.pdf - preliminary results.
> I will close the poll on monday.

I didn't take the survey since I only very rarely interact with
Alioth to begin with, but I have to agree with the many comments on
Q00005 that it's unnecessarily conflating open core business models
and contributor license agreements. The latter come in many
varieties and, while a number of them may demand copyright
assignment or relicensing permission, others are simply tools
intended to reinforce the terms of the stated free and open licenses
used by some projects.

I'm not personally a fan of CLAs as they add bureaucratic overhead,
slow down the new contributor process for a project and can in some
cases scare away new contributors who are loathe to enter into
"legal agreements" (and even though I am not a lawyer, I've been
told by lawyers that submitting code under a copyright license is
also entering into a legal agreement). However, CLAs like the one
used by the Eclipse Foundation are not even close to the same level
of concern for me as ones like Gitlab employs:


Jeremy Stanley

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